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The Important of Donation

A donation is a way for everyone involved to feel good about the world in which we live and help others overcome the struggles they have had in life.

Everyday many people find themselves poor for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are ill and can no longer perform the work they once did for a living. Perhaps, they lost the only job they knew how to do and are having trouble finding new employment. Perhaps, a woman just became a widow and was dependant upon her husbands income and has never worked outside of the home, having no skills makes it hard for her to find a job. Whatever the reason, a person who has little to nothing knows just how hard life can be, your donations could make a huge difference in the life of the poor.

What is Good Will Donation?

Goodwill is a non-profit organization that will take a variety of your used, seldom used, or even new items in efforts to give people a better quality of life. All donations goes towards helping those who are in need get the education, training, and support they need to succeed in life. When you donate your used goods, the Goodwill sells them to the public and uses the profits to help teach people a variety of things. For example, they help teach English to those who need it, in order to help them obtain employment. They also, help those who may need training or an education, in order for them to move forward in life. They are working to reduce the number of people who are homeless, depend on welfare, or have mental, emotional, or physical disabilities.

How does it work?

There are essentially two ways you can help with good will donations. First you could donate items to any of the 3,000 donation locations across the country. The items you can donate should be new or gently used and can include:

Clothing – Men, Women, and Children (infant through teen)
Appliances – Stove, Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Toaster, Microwave, Hair Dryer, Etc.
Furniture – Beds, Couches, Sofas, Chairs, etc.
Household Items – Bookshelves, Computers, Night Stands, Coffee Tables, Toys, Curtains, Bed Linens, etc.

The other way you can help is to shop at a good will store or auction site. Each time someone purchases an item either through the auction or at a location, the proceeds go towards helping a person gain the financial and personal stability they need to succeed in life. Goodwill puts 85% of all proceeds back into helping others meet their goals.

Goodwill and Recycling

You may have seen the many bins located within the parking lots of stores like Kmart or Wal-Mart, and they look much like recycling bins. Well essentially they are recycling bins, you have the ability to recycle the things you might otherwise throw away. Basically, what is happening is that without even realizing it we tend to throw away things that may be of good use to another person, simply because we do not have the room for it any longer, or we do not use it. This alone puts more items than necessary in our already overflowing landfills. Instead of throwing away those pillowcases, give them to goodwill and help others realize their dreams of succeeding in life.